My research group works in the area of estimation theory and control for autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, with a special emphasis on robotics and aerospace applications. Specific research areas include sensor fusion and probabilistic perception, control and planning in the presence of uncertainties, human decision modeling, and human-robot interaction.

I co-direct the Autonomous Systems Lab with Prof. Hadas Kress Gazit.  The ASL wiki includes most of the hardware and undergraduate/Masters of Engineering projects, whereas this wiki focuses on the research of my group.

Research Group

Recent News

Our group was won a recent NSF NRI award, in collaboration with Nick Roy of MIT and Hadas Kress-Gazit, on language based interaction. Link is here and Nick's is here.

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Please congratulate Frank on passing his B-exam. As Frank heads off to Tesla, we are left to ponder this key question: which car(s) are my former students going to get me? Tesla, Nissan/Infinity, or VW? I vote for the Tesla...

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Please congratulate Kevin and Rina for passing their A-exams - just "a bit" more work to go!

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Mark M passes his B!

09 Jan 2014

Please congratulate Mark M for passing his B-exam. A few final edits and he is home free. Mark will be staying on for a few months with the group. 

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Nisar starts his life as a professor at CU Boulder today - we will miss him, and look forward to his successes. 

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