Our group works on algorithms and experimental validation of autonomy, with applications such as self-driving cars, robotics, human-robotic teams, UAVs, and spacecraft. We are particularly interested in the perception-planning pipeline, including machine learning, estimation, sensor fusion, control/planning/decision-making. We have a number of research collaborations, including perception in self-driving cars with Kilian Weinberger and Bharath Hariharan. Prof. Campbell co-directs the Autonomous Systems Lab with Prof. Hadas Kress Gazit where we share lab space, robots, and coordinate undergraduate/MEng projects.

Research Projects

  • ONR: SERPENT Self Energetic Propulsion Entity (R. Shepherd PI)
  • NSF: Safety Assured, Performance Driven Autonomous Vehicles (E. Suh)
  • NSF: Robust Perception Through End-User Adaptation (B. Hariharan PI)
  • SRC: A-modal Data, Learning and Perception in Self-Driving Cars (K. Weinberger)
  • NSF: NRI: FND: Probabilistic Hypothesis Driven, Adapting Human-Robot Teams
  • ONR: PERISCOPE: Perceptual Representations for Actions, Composition and Verification (H. Kress-Gazit PI)
  • NSF: S&AS: INT: Inference, Reasoning and Learning for Robust Autonomous Driving (K. Weinberger)
  • ONR: Convolutional-Feature Analysis and Control for Mobile Visual Scene Perception (S. Ferrari PI, K. Weinberger Co-PI)
  • ONR: Distributed Deep Learning Mobile Sensor System

Recent News

  • Vikram passed is B-exam!
    Vikram passed is B-exam! (June 2022)