Current Research Projects

  • ONR: SERPENT Self Energetic Propulsion Entity (R. Shepherd PI)
  • NSF: Safety Assured, Performance Driven Autonomous Vehicles (E. Suh)
  • NSF: Robust Perception Through End-User Adaptation (B. Hariharan PI)
  • NSF: NRI: FND: Probabilistic Hypothesis Driven, Adapting Human-Robot Teams
  • ONR: PERISCOPE: Perceptual Representations for Actions, Composition and Verification (H. Kress-Gazit PI)
  • NSF: S&AS: INT: Inference, Reasoning and Learning for Robust Autonomous Driving (K. Weinberger)
  • ONR: Convolutional-Feature Analysis and Control for Mobile Visual Scene Perception (S. Ferrari PI, K. Weinberger Co-PI)

Past Research Projects

A-modal Data, Learning and Perception in Self-Driving Cars (K. Weinberger) SRC 2019-22
Distributed Deep Learning Mobile Sensor System ONR 2018-21
Safety Assurance of Cyber-Physical Systems Through Secure and Verifiable Information Flow Control (E. Suh PI, A. Meyers Co-PI) NSF/NASA 2015-18
NRI: Collaborative: Modeling and Verification of Language-based Interaction (H. Kress-Gazit Co-PI, N. Roy MIT Co-PI) NSF 2014-17
RI: Small: Qualitative Relational Navigation using Minimal Sensing NSF 2013-16
CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: High Level Perception and Control for Autonomous, Reconfigurable, Modular Robots (H. Kress-Gazit PI, M. Yim Penn Co-PI) NSF 2013-16
CPS: Synergy: Distributed Sensing, Learning and Control in Dynamic Environments (B Bhanu UCR PI) NSF 2013-16
Robust Sensing and Estimation through Intelligent Planning AFOSR 2012-15
Probabilistic Tracking and Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Urban Environments (w/ D. Huttenlocher) ARO 2009-14
CPS: Medium: Tightly Integrated Perception and Planning in Intelligent Robotics (w/ D. Huttenlocher, H. Kress-Gazit) NSF 2009-13
Intelligent robots for outdoor testing of networks of humans and machines AFOSR 2011-12
Control Theoretical Methods for Human-Vehicle Interaction AFOSR 2009-12
Probabilistic Models and Networks of Humans and Vehicles (MURI with CMU, MIT, GWU, UPitt) AFOSR 2008-13
Team Cornell: Distributed, Collaborative Human-Robotic Networks for MAGIC (w/ H. Kress-Gazit) ARO 2009-10
Cooperative Human-Robotic Operations with Time/ Communications Constraints NASA 2008-09
Testbed for Networked Autonomous Systems ARO 2007-09
Tightly Integrated Sensing and Planning for Autonomous Driving (PI: D. Huttenlocher) Google 2008-09
Team Cornell in the DARPA Urban Challenge (Co-PI’s: D. Huttenlocher, E. Garcia) DARPA 2006-07
Multiple SeaScan UAV Facility for Semi-Autonomous Cooperative Control AFOSR 2006-08
Cooperative Tracking of Moving Targets by Autonomous UAV Teams (Phase II PI: M. Wheeler, The Insitu Group) AFOSR 2006-08
IN-Step Nanosatellite Program (PI: M. Peck, Co-PI: Campbell) AFOSR/NASA 2005-07
Semi-Autonomous Control of Cooperative Vehicles AFOSR 2005-08
Hybrid Estimation and Control with Bounded Probabilities NSF 2004-07
Cooperative Tracking of Moving Targets by Autonomous UAV Teams (Phase I (PI: M. Wheeler, The Insitu Group) AFOSR 2004-05
Cooperative Information Seeking for Uninhabited Vehicles Lockheed Martin 2004-05
ION-F Formation Flying Verification NASA GSFC 2002-04
Ionospheric Science Using CubeSats ONR 2002-04
Human Centered Control of Complex Automata-Teams (PI Campbell, Caltech and Catholic subcontracts) DARPA 2001-03
Agent Based Software for Autonomous Control of Sat Clusters (PI How at MIT, Co-I Campbell at Cornell, Surka at PSS) NASA 2001-05
Active Isolation for the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) NASA JPL 2000-01
Dawgstar for Formation Flying NASA GSFC 1999-2002
TeamAgent System for Autonomous Satellite Control AFRL 2000-02
NASA Nanosatellite Augmentation NASA GSFC 1999-2001
Autonomous High Precision Control DARPA 1999-2005
Micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster Primex 1999-2001
Micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster WTC 1999-2001
Docking System for Microsats (PI Bohringer at UW, Co-I Campbell) DARPA 1999-2000
AgentOrg System for Autonomous Satellite Control AFRL 1999-2000
UW Nanosatellite AFOSR 1999-2001
Intelligent Satellite Teams NIAC 1998-99
On-Line Modeling/Monitoring for Autonomous Control UW 1998-99